Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012!

A year has passed and it is time to usher in a brand new year. Goodbye 2011 and Welcome 2012! With the birth of a new year, I guess it is a habit for many of us to set new year resolutions. I am not someone who would obediently follow the resolutions that have been set. Hence, my resolutions shall be kept to a minimum and as simplistic as possible. All I wish for in 2012 would be to continue my explorations in baking and continue penning my thoughts here. Even if there would be lesser entries, it will at least keep the blog going and remind me of my love for baking, and not to forget the sharing of this satisfying therapeutic activity.

Since mid-2011, there has been a change of priority in my life. Life became busier with work involvement and social activities, making baking a luxury activity to indulge in whenever I have the spare energy and time. Hence, that explains why my frequency of blogging dwindled for the past few months. On the other hand, I am not quite sure if age is another factor for the diminishing energy level. Sometimes, I feel like lazing and sitting in front of the TV lying on my comfortable sofa, switching from channel to channel, watching any programs that arouse my attention. Well, maybe its just plain old lazy me, trying to make excuses for myself.

On New Year's Day, I was browsing and reading my past entries. It has been a good three years since I started baking and blogging. As I was looking at the bakes I have made over the years, the nostalgia reminded me I have came quite a way (not very long it might be), starting from scratch. Thanks to the constant encouragement and affirmation from my family, friends, colleagues, fellow bakers and readers, I am able to sustain this passion and keep it going.

Looking back into 2011, the following is a roundup of some of the bakes:

Baking, to me, is my comfort zone. It is also a sense of assurance, motivation and self confidence. I have always enjoyed the process of reading recipes and trying out bakes of all kinds - cakes, cookies, tarts, just to name but a few. It is especially gratifying when the bakes turn out great. That would mean I have treats to savour on afterwards.

As of now, I have not exactly tried out that many things. There are still tons of recipes out there beckoning to me, especially those from the bake books sitting on my book shelf. These recipes alone would suffice to last for a decade or two if I were to bake one recipe a day! Therefore for this 2012, I will continue on my journey for improvement, explore more bakes and strive to be a better baker.

Before I end off with my first post of the year, I would like to share another of my Xmas bake of 2011, a Cookies and Cream Log Cake.

Spreading the cookies and cream filling onto the chiffon sheet.

The rolled up Swiss roll, a log cake in its "naked" state.

Cross section of the log cake, before frosting. Needs more practice on my rolling skills

The final product after frosting. Homemade cookies and cream log cake for all occasion, with no snow man or any Xmas decorations. 

Although it is only the second week of the year, the Chinese New Year is fast approaching already. Hopefully, my "CNY factory" will be faithfully churning out some goodies over the weekend in preparation for the festivities. Peanut cookies, Pineapple tarts, Sugee Cookies, Almond cookies, Kueh Lapis..... I am coming for you!

(recipe for log cake to be posted on a later date)


  1. i really enjoy reading your blog.thanks for sharing these recipes.feel like making it whenever i red about it.^^

  2. Hi ZY,
    I know you are very busy, but I just feel like I want to share an award for you. Hope over my blog to receive it! Thanks!

  3. I just "landed" on your blog. I am from France and I know Singapore quite well I used to live there and I came back many times. Your blog is really nice, I will try your rich brownies.
    Dany from

  4. You certainly did a lot of baking! Keep them coming!
    Hop over to my blog - there's an award for you!


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