Friday, November 11, 2011

Officially "Desserted"

It has been quite a long while since I blogged anything about my bakes. My busy days are over and I am finally able to take a breather... whew! All these while, I have not stopped baking completely. The only thing that is stopping me from coming to this sanctuary are the finer details in life that I am occupied with, other than work. 

I am so looking forward to the end of November and the entire December. This coming lull period means that I can bake wholeheartedly for all I want. Sounds like a buffet? Just that this is one in which I help myself to my bake-books, recipes and a great deal of kitchen trials.  

Since it has been a good 3 months of non-blogging, it is time to get back my momentum. For a 'warm-up', I will be sharing my dessert hunts. I have been craving for some mouth-watering, exquisite desserts ever since I was exposed to some reputable patisseries by friends through word of mouth and the internet. 

On last Thursday afternoon, me and my best bud K decided to head down to Duxton Hill where a homely looking cafe - Flor patisserie, is quietly tucked in. The cafe maintained a simplistic look, with only a couple of small tables and chairs, ideal for a quiet afternoon chat. 

For a start, we chose 3 of their gorgeous looking dessert showpieces at the counter - Fromage Blanc, Strawberry Napolean and Mango Pie

The Fromage Blanc consists of a cream cheese mousse layer topped onto a cakey pie pastry base. I was rather intrigued by the texture of the pie base - buttery, cakey yet crumbly. It was distinctly cake-like in the middle and towards the edges it was firm and crumbly like a shortcrust pastry. I am definitely curious to know what this pastry is termed. For the cream cheese mousse, the tartness of the cream cheese shone through with a smooth mouth-feel.

K greatly recommended the Mango Pie, exclaiming how it wowed him on his last visit. From my first encounter with this very mango pie, one thought sprang to my mind: "This dessert does not resemble a pie at all, let alone a mango pie". Despite the unusual appearance, the taste and texture took me by surprise. The pie base (somewhat similar to that of the Fromage Blanc) worked brilliantly with the topping (I couldn't recall if it was pastry cream or whipped cream) and the vibrance of the firm, sweet mangoes which was accompanied with a slight tartness.  

When I was browsing through the dainty little cakes at the display counter, this Strawberry Napolean grabbed hold of my attention. Looking somewhat similar to a Japanese Strawberry Shortcake, this pastry cake comprise of buttery-crisp puff pastry layers, melt-in-the-mouth sponge cake layer, fresh cream, strawberries and strawberry gelee. The puff pastries remained crisp and non-soggy even though they were filled with fresh cream, a feat that requires skills and the understanding of the technicality required to assemble this cake. Be warned though, it can be a messy affair indulging in this cake, for the cake will break apart when a fork is dug into it.

Craving for more desserts to satisfy my sweet-toothed palate, I ordered an additional Wakakusayama that looked like a slice of a matcha log cake. The cake seemed dense but it was soft and nicely-moist. I have expected the green tea flavour to come across as being grassy, but the cake was nothing like that at all. The adzuki beans that were incoporated into the cream were too firm for my liking and it would have been better if they had added more red bean fillings, similar to that in texure of the red bean topping sitting on the matcha whipped cream.

With a satisfyingly sweet experience at Flor, I will be back for more pastries when I happen to drop by the Duxton Hill area, to re-visit the memorable Mango Pie and Strawerry Napolean and at the same time try out their other offerings.

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