About Baking Library

Baking Library was born on 12 Dec 2008. I was racking my brain for a name that represents me or my ideals. One thing I knew for sure is that the first word has got to be the word 'Baking'. After some deliberation, I decided on the name Baking Library.

Why Baking Library of all names? Since my birth month is in October, my horoscope is Libra, thus that making me a Libran or Librarian. At the same time, I am also a bakebook collector, trying to grow my library of bakebooks. Hence, I started out with my blogging persona as the Baking Librarian. As time past, the name changed as my friends started to call me Bakertan, which signifies who I truly am, a homebaker with the chinese surname 'Tan' and at the same time an aspiring baker/pastry chef.

Most importantly, this blog was created to serve as a platform to impart and share knowledge with others. My idea back then was to transform this blog into a comprehensive library where readers can refer to for tips and techniques, preparation of ingredients and baking pans, things that can go wrong during baking and how to prevent them and an array of usuable recipes to select from.

When I first started out baking, I realised that it is not easy to figure out the instructions on cookbooks and online references. There would be some baking terminologies which only experienced bakers would understand. After searching high and low for the answers online and from bakebooks, I learnt to overcome the knowledge barrier. With this in mind, I hope to be as precise as possibly when explaining the instructions for my recipes so that the occasional baker or first-timers would have an easier time to grasp. Do bear with me if I end up being long winded though.

However, with the level of experience I have at hand currently, I can't really impart but can only share my knowledge with others. The section 'Baking Tips and Techniques' was created recently for this purpose. In time to come, I hope that I will improve by learning from the online community and my valued readers. Do feel free to comment or provide advice along the way as I embark on this learn and bake journey.

Its going to be a long road ahead for the transformation. In a few years down the road, I hope to see my blog heading in the right direction. Pray that I do not lose my momentum for blogging in the meantime.

For any use of the pictures, recipes, instructions and information found on my blog, please give due credit (to me and/or the original contributor/author/source etc) wherever possible. Thank you.

Any queries or feedback may be forwarded to my mail at wings_heero@hotmail.com.

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