Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting busy....

This post is taking me what seems like forever to get it up....

These days, life have been rather hectic, so much that I am sparing less attention to blogging and baking. As much as I love to, I feel like having a good rest or catching up with friends on my off days. At the moment, I am trying to find a balance between work and play. All work and no play makes Bakertan a dull boy. I need to live my life properly and do the things I want to do and enjoy doing. Having said that, time management is important, which I a subject I am need to work hard on.

Despite the busy schedule, I managed to bake a New York Cheesecake for a potluck party (about a month back). Talking about potlucks, they never fail to excite me. Potlucks are great opportunities for one to turn to their trusty recipes. Alternatively, if one is feeling adventurous, he/she could try whipping up a dish that is different from the norm. 

This particular cheesecake recipe hails from the baking goddess Dorie Greenspan. The result is a dense but slightly airy cheesecake (I baked mine about 40 minutes longer than recommended). I like my cheesecakes to be really dense and thick, hence it is a habit of mine to extend the baking time by another 30 minutes or so each time I bake a cheesecake. Flavour-wise, it is addictive to the palate with the highly successful combination of cream cheese, sour cream and vanilla. 

New York Cheesecake 
Serving size: 12 slices
Taste and texture: Dense, creamy but slightly airy. 

recipe can be found here


  1. Texture and density looks great, ZY!
    Love your new profile - aspiring pastry chef - nice!

  2. Hello zy, you have been missing for a while. So glad to see your post again. This cheesecake looks very good.

  3. Wah your cheesecake looks yummy! I was wondering what happened to you, sometime no new posts. Anyway, I will also be off the radar one of this days... my bun in the oven about to pop anytime already :P

  4. I can totally understand how difficult it is when work is on track.. Passion never dies but is just difficult to maintain when there's other commitment. Jia you and look forward to more of your posts.

    You making mooncakes this autumn?

  5. wow this post is very delayed indeed! the time you told me abt how awesome this cheesecake was so long ago haha

    glad to have u back ZY :)

  6. ZY, your cheese cake is sooooooo nice! can turn pro now my friend.

  7. Oh I am looking for new York cheesecake recipe recently. Thanks for sharing!! I will try it out. Your cheesecake is nicely baked. I like it!!!

  8. Good to eat cheesecake. Was wondering happened to you. Looking out for your posts, you know...:)

  9. hey eelin,

    thanks for the encouragement. I hardly have mood to blog my bakes these days. haven been trying new recipes. hope to get back to some real baking soon..


    hey chris,

    thanks for the kind words. I had to slow down my blogging due to work committment. got to manage my time better so i can bake.


    hey Jenny,

    I am trying to get used to my work schedule. Need to get my baking mood going else i might just lose steam.



    actually sometimes its not just about work. I still need to maintain contact with frens and do other stuff aside from baking.

    Nope, wont be baking mooncakes. It is far too much work. I might try something related though.

  10. Jean,

    ya lor.. I hardly got any new stuff to blog about these two months.. need to get the momentum back on track else i will take another long break again..



    thanks! I am not that pro yet. need to keep trying out new recipes..


    hey grace,

    this is a really good recipe. do give it a try. hope it wont disappoint.


    hey ken,

    oops sorry. not used to my current work schedule. guess i need to manage my time better.

  11. Yeah, can tell you're now occupied by work, aside from the other things in life. Same here; hence, the MIA. Aiya, don't worry about the frequency of publishing new posts. Take everything at your own pace. When I'm off working nowadays, I tend to just want to slack away, rest up, or give my mind a break. Been working from 8-ish in the morn till 8-ish in the evening.

    No dull boy, definitely. Most importantly, keep yourself sane amid the busy schedule. Haha! Time seems ever more SO precious now, right? Ugh.

    Nice New York cheesecake. I made one a couple weeks ago, too, and it received raved reviews at work with my new colleagues. Yours looks equally luscious!

    Take care lar. Lord willing someday we can catch up again. Work has definitely gotten into our way. Ugh. What makes it worse is when one has a HORRIBLE superior. Ugh.


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