Sunday, October 24, 2010

Feed and Cook With Love - My 2nd Bloggers Meetup

After the last Bloggers' Meetup in August, Edith suggested that we bloggers come together, pool our strength, cook and prepare food for a good cause. The good cause? Cooking for elderly folks. And so, the plan was drawn. Edith liaised with an old folks centre (Peace Connect) near her home and we bloggers would sponsor a meal for them, a lunch for 80 pax. Wow, that's quite alot of people to feed and we would have to recruit all the manpower we can.

Next up was deciding the menu. There were some criteria to consider, for example: low salt, low sugar, less oil content etc. Finally, we decided on the menu as:

1) Fried Bee Hoon, recipe by Jane
2) Taukwa with bean sprouts, recipe by Edith
3) Braised Mushroom with Meat Sauce, recipe by Shirley
4) Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables, recipe by Jo
5) Red Bean Soup, recipe by me

Once the menu was decided and the details ironed out, we started inviting volunteers by word of mouth. The response was warm and we had a total of around 19 volunteers; bloggers and non bloggers alike joined in for the event which we named as Cook and Feed With Love.

We split the cooking tasks among 5 teams, one team for each dish led by a total of 5 team leaders: Shirley, Edith, Jane, Jo and me. The team leader would coordinate with her/his team members on the amount of food each member would be preparing.

In the morning on 16th October, the volunteers gathered at Peace Connect, lugging along trays and containers of food that were prepared for the event. We set up a simple 'buffet' serving counter where we dished out the food to the elderly folks. These elderly folks reside in single room flats located in neighbouring blocks around Peace Connect and they would come down for their daily meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simple fare is served to them for their meals and these include; biscuits, bread, confectionaries etc; all sponsored by various organizations.

After 11am, the old folks started streaming in and in a brief moment, the whole place was bustling with activity. The old folks tucked into their lunch with joy and even had a karaoke session where they sang songs like '我问天', a hokkien number which is the theme song of  '', a taiwanese soap opera that has high viewership in Singapore. When lunch was over, the old folks started to leave and we helped clear the place.  

It was a meaningful yet fun-filled saturday morning spent at Peace Connect. With the success of this Cook and Feed With Love event, we are looking forward to upcoming similar community projects. Thanks to all the volunteers for making this event a success. It definitely was a great pleasure meeting up with them.

Volunteers (Bloggers):
Eelin from
Wendy from
Doris from
Winnie from
Judy from
Christine from
Esther from
Sheryl from

Volunteers (Non Bloggers):
Jie Sian


  1. Looks fun.. I bet you all had an enjoyable day catching up with each other too. The food were so mouth watering... like from some catering services. *^_^*

  2. Wah! That was such a nice gesture from all of you! I'm sure all the uncles and aunties are all very happy and satisfied with the yummy foods!

  3. Hey, always save the best for the last! It's been a week since our event. How time flies right? Your post is one of the last, and it's sure the best, with all the details! Hope to catch up with you soon too!:)

  4. Agree with Jane, yours has gotta be the most detailed "report" of all. I didn't even know of the Minnan soap opera from Taiwan till you mentioned about it over here. LOL! Very nice of the ah-gongs, ah-mas, ye-yes and po-pos to treat you guys to a mini concert hor. Haha!

    Keep it up! The society needs kind-hearted folks like you guys. =)

  5. hey cathy,

    ya its sure was fun. Hope you can make it the next time round =]


    Hi Jenny,

    It was nothing really. But I am glad we can put our talents/skills to make a difference and bring happiness to others.


    Hey Jane,

    I guess I am slow in getting this post written, haha. yup, hope to meet up with you and the others soon!


    Hey Pei-Lin

    Haha, that show is darn popular over here la. Its quite amazing to see that the old folks have so much energy to sing =] I'm already looking forward to the next event.

  6. What a WONDERFUL idea. And looks like so much fun too!


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