Saturday, March 26, 2011

Practice with Fondant Icing - Fondant Rose

I am comtemplating on a cake project in which I need to work with fondant icing. Fondant icing is one aspect of cake making which I am totally unfamiliar with. Hence, working on a fondant cake project means there is plenty of reading up and careful planning to be carried out, to minimize the chances of any mishaps that might happen.

For the cake project, one of my idea is to make fondant roses. After watching some videos on youtubes, I was tempted to try making my own fondant icing and start on a fondant modelling practice session.

The fondant recipe that I referred to worked quite well but somehow heat from my hands makes the fondant icing sticky. I had to dust the fondant and my hands with corn flour constantly to prevent the fondant from softening and sticking to my hands. After some three or four tries, I finally completed a fondant rose without the aid of any modelling tools! 

Working with fondant sure brings a lot of fun. Think of it as modelling with play dough. You don't have to be a sculptor nor a baker to mould fondant icing. It might even get addictive. However, I wouldn't recommend any to taste these fondant decorations since its totally sugary-sweet.

Now that I have taken my first step into fondant making, I might want to explore around a little before I finalize on my cake project. In any case, the fondant roses would be great for adorning any birthday cakes that I will be making in future.

The following are youtube videos which I referred to for making of fondant rose. No tools are required. Have fun!

Making a fondant rose - part 1

Making a fondant rose - part 2


  1. What a pretty rose Bakertan! You are awesome! kekeke :)

  2. you've got nimble hands ZY :) really courageous of you to move out of your comfort zone and do this. think it'll still be a while before i touch on fondant.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post! I have got something against fondant, doubt I will ever make it for consumption. But, I will show the video to my younger son, will get him to learn how to make a rose with jumping clay...hopefully he can make a rose for me on mother's day ;)

  4. that's so LOVELY! (: you're so brave to try it and thank you for sharing too (:

  5. cathy,

    thanks alot! You are awesome too!



    my hands are not really nimble. need to do more practice and get the hang of working with fondant. I'm sure you can do it too in time to come. Take things a step at a time and you will be batter!


    hey HHB,

    I make fondant not for consumption. Most friends around me don't really fancy sweet stuff and they probably will scrap any fondant away without me telling them to.

    haha thats great. Hope you get nice roses on mother's day. I will be making them for mother's day or my mum's birthday =]



    thanks. Just thought I would be adventurous for a change and glad it worked. Its fun!

  6. Very pretty fondant rose for the first try. And you did it just by watching the videos. Did you buy or make the fondant yourself? Look forward to your cake project!

  7. For a first-timer doing fondant roses, I would say that you've got it in you! Now you can move on to more fondant modelling! Looking forward to more!

  8. I am totally unfamiliar with fondant icing too, thanks for sharing the steps to make one!

  9. Oh my gosh! How exciting ZY! I can never stress enough how fun and satisfying when working with fondant. ;) please continue on working with fondant and I am so looking forward to see more post about fondant from you. Check out my fondant fun on my blog...hope will motivate you on, heehee! *thick skin me*

  10. You've finally ventured into fondant! Well done. You're very brave to do this on your own! I didn't start this until I attended workshops! Otherwise, I really didn't dare to try! Good for you! :)

  11. hello bakertan,

    are you able to share the fondant making recipe with us?


  12. SSB,

    Thanks! I made my own fondant. It is much cheaper and it is quite easy to make actually. Hope it will turn out the way I want it to be.



    Thank you! I still have a lot more to learn from you and the other ladies. It is really quite fun to play with fondant, although it can be time consuming.


    Hey Ah Tze,

    I'm sure you will be able to make fondant cakes in time to come =]


    Bee Bee,

    ya! it is indeed very fun. But takes alot of time though, haha. I've seen your fondant cakes, they look really good. Must learn from you.

  13. Jane,

    I dunno what came over me. Just thought why not give it a shot and see if I am suitable for it. In the end, it paid off =]



    thanks =]


    Hi Sally,

    I'm afraid I won't be sharing the recipe as yet. I will be sharing the recipe in future posts when I'm more comfortable with the recipe.

  14. I've always wanted to venture into fondant making but end up with lots of excuses. The last time I had some leftover marshmallows, I wanted to make but by the time I remember, they have already expired. A month ago, I bought another pack of marshmallow but it's still sitting in my cupboard. One day, I'm sure, I will make this!

  15. hey blessed homemaker,

    You could used the expired marshmallows to make fondant for practice but not eat them. I have not made marshmallow fondant yet. Not sure how the texture and taste is like. I only know it will be off white in colour.

  16. Hi bakertan,

    I wonder can you share the fondant recipe?

    Thank you.


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