Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking For A Baking Buddy..

Its been a long long while since I blog. I have'nt given up on baking. Been reading bake books and trying out recipes in the meanwhile. Sometimes the goods turn out fine but sometimes it doesnt. Nevertheless, I feel that I have gained more experience, confidence and knowledge. It feels like playing video games and levelling up after picking up experience.

A thought struck me suddenly few weeks back. I thought it will be cool to find a baking buddy to share our experience, knowledge, tools and passion for baking. We can meet up for baking sessions and share our bake goods. Hope I can find one, preferably near my area so that I do not have to travel far.


  1. Hey, glad that you're back blogging! What's better, glad to know that you ARE still baking up a storm despite hectic schedule in life!

    Hope you still can recall who I'm ... who spoke to you like a little over a year ago before you taking hiatus. You've upgraded a lot, and I hope to see more wonderful work from you.

    As for that idea of yours, too bad, I'm in Kuala Lumpur ... a few hours up north and I have get through the customs. Hahaha! In fact, I still have your MSN. But haven't seen you there for eons. Should you need baking buddies to refer to ... simply leave me a message there. When I first stumbled upon your blog via Loving Baking, I hadn't started blogging. Now that I'm, I hope we can share more through exchanging recipes and experience.

    I'll link you up on my blog. Keep it up!

  2. Hi pei-lin

    Thanks for dropping by, I do rememeber you. Sorry for MIA-ing. Went through some up and downs, hence the long hiatus.

    I haven upgraded alot. But I do feel I have somewhat improved my baking skills slowly. There is still many areas for me to work on though.

    I haven logged in to my msn for aeons, hence you dont see me ard. look foward to sharing more of our experience on our blogs

    cheers =]


  3. Hi bakertan!

    I was just wondering, how old are you and where do you stay?

  4. Hi yan ee

    I am turnin 26 this year and am staying in woodlands.


  5. Hi bakertan,

    Your idea sounds gd! Its always fun to make new friends,learn new recipes & share bakes with others. *^_^*

  6. Hi Cathy,

    thanks for dropping by! ya I hope can find a baking buddy/buddies soon.

  7. aHi Baker Tan

    Stumbled upon your blog aft reading Precious Moments's entry on the bloggers' party. This tot of yours certainly sound interesting. As most of my friends don't really bake, I've always wished to have a baking buddy where I can talk & exchange all kinds of baking info all day long.

    Coincidentally, I live in Woodlands too. We could exchange ideas some day, just hope you won't mind a noob like me.

    Stephanie :)

  8. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Most of my friends don't really bake too. No worries ya, I am also learning as I bake along. Am sure that we can exchange ideas and pointers. It would be great if we can become baking buddies =]

    You can email me via wings_heero@hotmail.com. We can discuss more about this over email. I feel excited about the thought of it.

    Cheers and happy baking!


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