Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Baking Dream

Its been slightly more than half a year since I took up baking. I could still remember my first few attempts ending up in disaster. Being a novice i did not know how to plan my baking schedule and had tons of stuff to learn regarding baking. After trying 4 attempts i managed to get my very 1st oven baked cake done - a pandan chiffon cake. That took me quite some persistence and each time i failed, i would review my mistakes and do more research on the net.

Having gone through a not-so-smooth-sailing time on baking a chiffon cake, I gained much valuable experience, knowledge and confidence. Ever since then, I have never failed in chiffon cake making. Looking back, I think maybe I should have started out baking cookies which are much easier.

The reason why I wanted to pick up baking was because it seemed fun being able to produce mouth-watering treats. Its such a rewarding feeling when you see your loved ones enjoying the fruits of your labour. A simple compliment or word of encouragement would make you feel that all that hard work is worth it.

Soon, I realise I actually bothered to do 'researches' on the blog for recipes and baking tips and even visiting the library where i hardly step into. Never knew that the addiction would grow on me so much to and extent that I would consider making it my career. I think i found my 2nd love in life after Stefanie Sun.

Someday, I hope to become a pastry chef and spread my joy of baking to others. It is a long road for me to take, for now I have to complete my studies, clear my tuition loan and save up before enrolling in a baking school. In the meantime, I will just continue to do self-learning on baking. Look forward to the day when i don the white uniform. Wish me luck!


  1. Am sure you can do it. Good luck in your baking journey!

  2. Hi FATMUM

    thanks alot for the encouragement! interestingly, i realise we have quite a similar layour for our blogs. happy baking!

  3. Dear Zhuoyuan,

    Have been meaning to drop a comment here concerning this post. But, never got around to do it as I'm quite a slacker. :P

    I can tell you with confidence that 95 percent of what you mentioned in this post has reflected my earlier days of baking. I thought of taking up courses at a pastry school, specifically either Le Cordon Bleu in Bangkok or Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota (U.S.) But, I changed my mind after taking into account the advices from other more experienced baking kaki and the lessons I've learned as a psychology minor. I wonder whether it's because I don't have the guts to go that far or I simply want to protect my own interest in and passion for pastry arts. But then again, I do hope I get to go to pastry schools someday--ONLY to brush up on my basic skils. The one I'm eyeing on now has been the LCB in Paris. It won't happen real soon because I lack the financial capability and language proficiency for that. (Still learning basic French so that I can understand recipes or whatever that's baking-related.)

    Anyhow, I shall stop here. If you want more feedback about this, let me know, yeah? Take care! Cheers!


  4. Dear Pei-Lin,

    Being a pastry chef definitely is not an easy path to take. I have decided to pursue this path after much consideration, weighing factors such as long working hours, course fees, low starting wages as compared to finding a job when i graduate from university and other uncertainties.. Most importantly, i find that passion is the most important factor i consider in a career.

    thanks for the feedback and advice! cheers

  5. Zhuoyuan,

    Have been busier lately? Hope you're doing fine despite the fact that you're busy with your schoolwork. I hope what I've said didn't really disturb you. It was just something I'd thought of and went through before. So, I couldn't help but to share it with you. You were right that what really matters is passion, and I respect you for that. Which school have you been looking at? Have you considered any specialization?

    In the meantime, I actually do know for sure that my career has to be food-related, but it doesn't have to be pastry chef/baker. In my situation, food writing, styling and photography will be great (and I still can keep my status as a "private chef/baker" LOL!) Though I don't own a DSLR now (and will someday when I can afford one on my own,) I'll go full force into food styling and photography. Now, I can only hone my skills with just a point-and-shoot. =.="

    Well, I hope to see your dreams come true! And, all the best to you yeah? Cheers!



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