Saturday, February 28, 2009

Backlog- Egg Tarts

This was one of my most successful attempts in baking. I was pretty satisfied with the results considering this was my first attempt on baking egg tarts. My elder brother commented that it was as good as those sold in bakeries. This recipe from aunty yochana's is definitely a superb one.

The recipe can be found here:
Egg tarts


  1. Chef tan! You're making me hungry! ahaha!

  2. hey ade

    its too early to call me chef, lol. wait till i have the chance to don a chef uniform. dunnno how long that will take though.

  3. Great job! But may I know is it the pastry layer of short pastry (cookie-like texture) or Chinese flaky pastry? Looking forward to reading more about your experiments!!


  4. Hi pei-lin

    according to aunty yochana's blog, the pastry is known is pate sucree. it is similar to shortcrust pastry used for normal pies and tarts


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