Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vanilla Cupcakes

I received this book Favourite Cupcakes and Cheesecakes from my friends as my birthday gift 2 months back. The cupcakes look appetizing and i tried baking the vanilla cupcakes. For my previous attempt, most of my cupcakes were underbaked and it took nearly 35 minutes before they were done.

This time round, the cupcakes turned out ok. The first batch was baked at 160 degrees for 35mins. I then increased the temperature to 180 degrees and it took only 20minutes for the 2nd batch to be ready. The results were cupcakes that are soft, moist and buttery.

Next time round, i will bake them longer till the top is crisp and dry. Maybe i should cut down on the butter and milk on the next bake.


Dear readers, thanks for visiting my humble little blog. Feel free to leave a message so that I can learn and be a better baker. Its a great feeling to share our culinary experience and adventures in the kitchen.

Thank you and have a nice day! Cheers =]

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