Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mocha Truffle Cookies

Hmm... Mocha Truffle Cookies.. Sounds exciting and delicious. That was the first impression i got when i was reading this recipe. What I liked about this recipe was that I had all the ingredients and did not have to run around to shop for other required ingredients.
Instead of following the recipe and dropping tablespoons of cookie dough, I dropped teaspoons of dough onto the baking tray. For the first batch, I baked them at 180 degrees C for 12 minutes. I then baked them for 7 minutes for the subsequent batches.
When I tasted the cookies, I got a surprise. The 1st batch of cookies turned out to be crisp and chewy. You could still see grains of brown sugar when you chew into the cookie. For the susequent batches, the texture was fudgey. After two days, I realised that the cookies tasted even better and the flavour has matured. There is this light coffee fragrance when you sniff the cookies.
I have problems taking pictures of chocolate confections. They always turn out to be a pile of dark brown mess. To make things worst, I have the tendency to bake in the evening. Under such lighting conditions, the pictures turn out to be disatrous. In order to take pictures of the cookies, I had to wait till morning when the lighting condition is brighter.
Mocha Truffle Cookies

55g butter
50g chocolate
1 tbsp instant coffee powder
130g plain flour
1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 egg, lightly beaten
90 caster sugar
60 brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
60 g chopped nuts

1) Preheat oven to 180 degrees C
2) Place a metal mixing bowl over a pan filled with water. Ensure that the base of the bowl do not come in contact with the base of the pan, use a suitable size pan to do so.
3) Melt butter, chocolate and the coffee powder over the pan. The steam from the water will heat up the mixing bowl and melt the contents. Stir to obtain a smooth mixture. Leave to cool slightly.
4) Sift flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together into a bowl. Add in eggs, both the caster sugar and brown sugar and the chocolate mixture obtained from 3). Mix well to form a dough. Lastly, incoporate the nuts to the dough.
5) Drop levelled tablespoonful of dough onto baking tray. Leave some space between each dough. Bake for 12 minutes. The dough should rise and puff up. Leave on wire rack to cool before storing in airtight container.

Things to note:

1) Vary baking time to get desired texture
2) Use an electric mixer to mix the sugar into the dough more evenly.


  1. Hi, ZY! Is this the recipe you referred to, which yields cookies with fudgy brownie-like texture?

    As per your write-up in that particular post, I know that you tweaked the original recipe for a lil'. If I use a tablespoonful of dough for each cookie, do you think it may end up like this:

    Yours and the recipe above are somewhat similar. Like I said, I've been in a chewy cookie mode lately. I'll make chewy chocolate cookies again sometime later. But now, I can't. I'm still waiting for peanut butter chips to be flown back from the States. Haha! Gonna meet up with Bee Bee (Honey Bees Sweets) soon. Maybe just a quirk of mine, I prefer peanut butter chips in my chewy choc cookies. Not white choc chips though because I don't fancy white choc.

    That said, I'll give these choc cookies a try ... probably with the two recipes altered and combined. Thank you for sharing! Actually, I love your write-ups. Very detailed. Keep it up!

  2. hi pei-lin

    this recipe can yield fudgy brownie-like cookies but the downside is that the brown sugar do not seem to melt totally after baking.

    when examined closely, it is almost like a brownie recipe baked in the cookie way. If the cookies are overbaked, it will yield a chewy cookie. the taste is not too shabby. Afterall, brownies cant really go wrong.

    the texture might be similar i think. Such brownie cookies are usually referred to as truffle cookies

    peanut butter cookies are almost impossible to find over here. how i envy u for having them flown in from the states.

    thanks for being so supportive =]. Hope you have good results combining the recipes.


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