Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busy with school!

Whew! Seems like i haven been updating my blog for nearly 2 months. This is a crucial and most tiring period of my sch life. However in the meanwhile, i have not stopped baking, not a bit. Looking at the pictures i took, i think i have tons of backlog to clear. There is the CNY bake, chocolate truffles for my best friend's farewell and the eclaires. Will try to publish these posts soon...


  1. Hey, I chanced upon your blog through Youfei (lovingbaking)! Sorry, but I have to say that I was in awe when you said that you're a GUY who is interested in baking!!! My brothers don't even bother about it ... Sad, huh? (Well, I know there're many guys out there who bake as well. You're the very few male blogger-bakers who I've seen so far. Heard of SeaDragon at He's a guy.)

    Gosh! When did you start getting into this lovely, inexplicable world of baking? I'm so glad I found another student who is juggling between books and kitchen equipment ... because this is what I've been doing, LOL! It's VERY addictive. YAY! Another baking kaki! (But then, I also personally like cooking, too ... Chinese mainly.)

    I don't keep a blog though and I suppose you know why. But due to my interest in food photography, I have opened a Flickr photostream with mainly my kitchen stuff posted there. You can see it here: Sadly, I shoot with a point-and-shoot as I can't afford a SLR now.

    Well, if you don't mind. You can also add me on msn at I look forward to hearing from you! Cheers!


  2. Hey,

    Didn't mean to get back to you this fast ... But, I wasn't supposed to use the name "Festival of Nations" to post comments or whatever as that's for extracurricular activity purpose. Well, ignore that username. Just email me at if you have anything to reply back to me. Sorry for all the confusion.

    Happy Sunday! Cheers!


  3. Hi Pei-lin

    Thanks alot for coming to my blog =] well, I haven had the chance to come across any local male bloggger-bakers yet. But i do know of some guys who are pretty good in baking and are selling their bakes online. Their websites are and

    I started baking like 7 months ago when I chanced upon bakingmum's blog. Her bakes look really mouth watering and i was tempted to try baking. After that i got hooked onto baking unknowningly. And like what you have said, it is very very addictive! However,it is tiring at the same time too, with the washing up and prepartions involved.

    I am glad you like baking. It is such an enjoyable hobby. As for cooking, I cant really cook well but i do like to cook when I am in the mood for it.

    Well i guess it isnt easy to keep a blog when you are busy and need to constantly update it.

    Talking about food photography, i would like to take it up in time to come. That way i can better present my bakes on my blog. I think my photography skills are to mediorce to do justice to some of the bakes, especially chocolate confections.

    I have added you to msn. Cya online. Cheers



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