Monday, December 6, 2010

Bakertan's Christmas Goodies 1 - Two Cookies and a Log Cake

Whew, last weekend was a tiring one! For the entire saturday afternoon, I was busy shopping for ingredients at Phoon Huat, Cold Storage and Ntuc. The ingredients I lugged back home weighed almost close to 7kg - flour, butter, cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, whipping cream etc... Luckily I brought my backpack along. 

After taking a short rest, I went to battle armed with my oven, mixer and my arsenal of firepower - flour, nuts, peanut butter, raisins, cornflakes and chocolate chips.  The entire battle lasted 7 hours in total before a truce was called. The battle trophies? 90 chunky peanut, chocolate chip and cinnamon cookies and 60 cornflakes raisins chocolate chip cookies. I have never made this much cookies in a single day in my life! Imagine having to shape all these cookies. Very tedious!

The battle continued on sunday and the battle trophy this time round was a chocolate log cake. I didn't do a good job with the rolling of the swiss roll and it cracked horribly after rolling. Nevertheless, I took it as a log cake practice and slathered chocolate buttercream over the cracked swiss roll. It covered up really well and I was rather pleased with my first log cake.

All the above bakes were meant for my first christmas gathering on sunday evening. It may sound a bit early, but we had no choice since most of us won't be around when it draws close to Christmas. Apart from serving its cause as an aftermeal dessert, the log cake also doubled up as a birthday cake (in advance) for one of my friends. Happy Birthday Queen!

After cutting the cake, the interior didn't look like it was badly cracked. I remember one blogger mentioning that log cakes are very forgiving. They are indeed!  

I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this log cake to my blogger friends Eelin and Sheryl since they are dec babies too. Happy Birthday ladies!

Unlike the same Christmas gathering from previous years, there is quite a bit of sweets and baked goodies going around this time. They are:
  • peppermint candy canes
  • chocolate almonds (made with valrhona, good stuff!)
  • chocolate cream cheese brownies (my friend made it from my cookie book. I'm going to make this one day.)
  • chunky peanut, chocolate chip and cinnamon cookies and cornflakes raisins chocolate chip cookies which I prepared.
  • Christmas tree butter cookie

Christmas sure is a good chance and the perfect excuse to bake. I can already forsee that I will be making christmas goodies for at least 3 other occasions. Its going to be a bakeful month and more cookies, log cakes and perhaps brownies. I think I will probably do 6-8 different types of cookies for this festive season.  

The recipes for the two cookies and log cake will be featured in upcoming posts. Stay tuned...


  1. wow that's alot of work! but they look really good! enjoy yourself!

  2. Haha...That's really a lot of baking to do! I also had done a tonne of baking last weekend for my children's birthday party! I made 132 mini double choc cupcakes, about 90 mini cream puffs and 50 mini salmon pies! I also made 2 oreo cheesecake in a day! I was so afraid my mixer will give up on me!
    I'll be looking forward to more of your bakes! When you drop by NEX, pass some goodies to me! Heehee... Just kidding. :)
    The joy of X'mas is to bake and share, isn't it?

  3. My, my, my! What a shopping and baking spree you had! Wished I were your neighbour and I would pop over uninvited to savour the goodies. Great job on the cookies and the choc log cake!

  4. OMG! it looks soooo nicely done! i made 120 cookies before and my back and butt hurts! x)) *thumbs up* to you (: (:

  5. Wow, the log cake looks yummy!

    My record so far is 115 mini shortbread shapes and 13 mini muffins in 3 hours hahahaha... I've also started baking since Saturday as we're planning to give it as Christmas gifts to our clients this year. Hopefully they will like it! :D

  6. wow that's hard work! ur log cake looks professionally done even though it's your first try. keep up the good work! :D

  7. That's lots of baking for a weekend. Your Christmas log cake look great! I will stay tune to your blog...

  8. Thanks for the log cake, ZY :) You did an amazing job. Your cornflake cookies look really good! Am gonna look out for your recipe. Have a merry xmas!

  9. Your log cake looks great, even though without the decorations yet. Looking forward to all your xmas bakes! :)

  10. Your log cake is perfectly done! I like it very much! I'm waiting for the log cake recipe, cheers!

  11. hey Jess,

    Thank you! yeah the cookies took me alot of time to complete as compared to the cake. I guess its worth it since it xmas season =]


    hey Jane,

    thats alot of baked goodies you've prepared. I will be looking forward to your goodies.

    As tiring as the xmas baking may be, it is worth it and quite fun actually since its in the name of xmas, the season for sharing.


    hey Judy,

    thanks! I also wanna drop by your place uninvited for your xmas feast! lol.


    Hi Jasmine,

    Yeah I could feel the fatigue after baking the cookies. Look forward to you xmas bakes

  12. hey jenny,

    thanks! thats quite a bit to bake too! I am sure your clients will like it.


    hey Jean,

    thanks for the compliments. haha, its still far from professional. But I am already quite satisfied with it.


    hey zoe,

    yup thats the most baked goods i have churned out in two consecutive days. thanks. I will be staying tuned to ur xmas goodies too =]

  13. hey eelin,

    thanks and welcome! the cornflake cookies earned good reviews from my family and some of my friends. enjoy ur xmas too!


    hey SSB,

    I didnt have time to decorate the cake elaborately. besides, i have no idea how to either. so i just dusted it with icing sugar. look forward to ur xmas goodies too..


    hey grace,

    thanks and merry xmas! I will be looking forward to ur xmas bakes.

  14. Hey! Those cookies look good & nicely wrapped. Although your log cake is nicely frosting, however, if you can decorate a bit of x'mas ornaments on it, then it will be Perfect.

  15. woah your log cake looks good! impressive :)

  16. Thanks ZY!!! Hhaa WAHH BAKING spree huh. My hectic baking spree will start as of tmr. And I'm gonna your buttercream :))) EH I wanna pop by try your log cake!


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