Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bloggers Meetup 2.2 - Cook and Feed wth Love Followup

Yesterday, I met up with some of the volunteers from the previous Cook and Feed with Love Event. We didn't have much chance to interact previously, hence we decided on on a followup meetup on 27th Nov 2010 at the function room over at Jane's place.

Similar to my first bloggers meetup, it was a potluck party. I always look forward to potluck parties since they will be lots of mouth-watering food and I would have the chance to bake too. Lets take a look at the goodies:

Lemongrass drink prepared by Jane.

Coffee blondies with walnut toppings by Jane.

Potato Salad made by Sheryl. She used curry leaves and cashew nuts. Very unique and refreshing form the usual mayo-style potato salad.  

Spicy shrimp bread rolls made by Judy.

These pretty looking chocolate cointreau cupcakes with cointreau flavoured swiss meringue buttercream were made by Eelin.

Fruity konnyaku jelly made by Doris.

Cheese macaroni made Doris.   

Blueberry muffins by Edith.

Banana hazelnut sourcream cake by Edith

Wing drumlets made by Josephine. She used teriyaki sauce, worchestersire sauce and lots of other seasonings.

Crunchy chocolate chips cookies prepared by me. I used Ghiradelli chocolate chips for the first time. There was'nt much difference from Hershey's chocolate chips. When I started out baking cookies, these were the first cookies I made.

Hawaiian pizza pie made by me. I used shortcrust pastry and the fillings for hawaiian pizza. The crust turned out ok but the fillings didnt quite work out for the pie (as opposed to a pizza) and was dry.

In total 9 volunteers turned up for the potluck. It was a pity some volunteers were unable to make it for this event. The volunteers present:

Even though we do not know each other well, we chatted as though we have known each other for some time. It is interesting how our common hobby, or rather our passion, binds us together like glue. One thing for sure, these great minds, great bakers, lovely ladies understand what baking truly means to me better than most of my other friends do.

Jane prepared a game of Bingo! where we had to collect signatures from each other. It was interesting because the Bingo squares consist of facts/ tidbits related to us all and I could relate to a few of them, namely:
  • owns at least 40 cookbooks (I have around 50 and the collection is still growing. I actually read my bakebooks before bedtime, lol. I think I'm going to get even more books in Dec.... ) 
  • has other passion besides baking. That will be boardgaming and Stefanie Sun =]
  • likes sports. I enjoy swimming.
  • love to eat bread (but I can't make decent bread as yet, lol. I can eat bread for meals.)

Doris was the winner and she was presented with a jar of homemade madagascar bourbon vanilla extract made by Jane. Neat stuff!  

I am already looking forward to our next event. Imagine us all meeting up to bake all day and night and slog it out in front of the oven and messing around with the ingredients. That will be unimaginably awesome!


  1. Hi Bakertan,
    Thanks for sharing more about yourself too! I wondered if most of us read who signed what. Hey, those that you can relate too, I can relate to them too! Hahaha...
    Thanks very much for your chocolate chips cookies too! Btw, I'm interested to know, why was this termed as 2.2? Interesting...
    I hope you managed to find NEX and enjoyed browsing through the shops.

  2. WHEEE! I"m the first one to pen a post. EHSs You gave me a new name- Shirley? haha Interestingly enough, that's the name of my mum. But anyway!! Your cookies were great. Couldnt stop munching on them.

    WAH another bread lover finally!! Raffles place has some nice bread/sandwich shop. If you'll llike to pop by, I can bring you ard. haa!

    Wah imagine our next outing baking together with all our utensils and bakeware and etc... OMG. and everyone is running ard in the kitchen. LOL

  3. Oh wow! Those foods look awesomely yummy!!!!

    And 50 cookbooks?!! Gulp... I only have 5 now... :P

  4. nice! I can relate to the bingo questions as well haha. maybe ur pizza pie didnt turn out so well, but it looks good :)

  5. So nice of you to bake each a pack of choc cookies!

  6. As mentioned on Jane's blog, you're also fast in posting. I am quite slow in posting, always making typo errors. Anyway, your cookies are lovely. The choc chips tasted good. I thought they were hersheys. Hopefully next time we all meet would be a baking session!

  7. Was nice seeing you again. I only had a one cookie and the rest was eaten up by my son.

  8. It's always nice to meet up people with the same passion..

  9. Hey Jane,

    Its rather interesting to read those tidbits and get to know each other better. Kudos to the creativity and effort you have put in for the game.

    welcome! hope you enjoyed the cookies. 2.1 was the Cook and Feed with Love event. So 2.2 refers to this meetup which is a followup. I didn't manage to walk around Nex much. Maybe I will tour the place next time when I'm in the vicinity.


    Hey Sheryl,

    Argh man! I am so sorry for that. I was thinking of you name but I did'nt realise I wrote shirley's name instead. I'm such a scatter brain, lol. But I got your name below correct. Thanks. Glad to know that you enjoyed them =]

    I love sandwiches. ooh okie sure. If I drop by the area I will be glad to have you show me around.

    Ya I cant imagine the whole lot of us baking together. we can run a small bakery ourselves, lol


    Hey Jenny,

    I am addicted to buying books now. Whenever I see any book fairs, my hands will get itchy.


    Hey Jean,

    haha, looks can be deceiving. I was deceived myself too.

  10. Hey Judy,

    I do make typos too and I usually proof read a few times after posting. But some error still go unnoticed. ya man, we should have a baking session together!


    Hey Edith,

    It was nice meeting up with you again too!

  11. Wah, I can see an upgrade here! You had game for a bloggers' meet-up!

    Nice spread of food, like before. Ya, a pity that some of them couldn't make it. Jess, Shirley and Wendy I suppose?

    Now, where did you get that pizza pie idea? Struck to me as a bit odd!!??

  12. Thanks for the full details posting and it is nice to meet & get to know you more. :) I'm also looking forward to the next gathering, maybe we should have hands-on activity next time ... hahahaha ...

  13. Ya, it was great catching up again. So embarrassing - I went without preparing anything but enjoyed the potluck.

  14. Haih.. too bad I missed this party! So many delicious food! But, thanks for Jane, she reserve some blondies and chocolate cupcakes for me. That's very yummy!

  15. hey Pei-lin,

    yup nice spread of food for a potluck. Quite a pity many others could not make it.


    hey doris,

    yeah it was nice meeting up with you too! Hands- on activity sounds like lots of fun to me


    Hey christine,

    No worries, we were glad to have you there with us.


    Hey Grace,

    I'm sure we'll meet up the next time round. Thats so thoughtful of Jane to reserve those sweet treats for you.


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