Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crumbly and Chewy - Craneberry bites

Even though I have not baked anything this week, I had the pleasure of savouring these little mouth-size craneberry bites, all thanks to my baking friend Stephanie =]

As you can see, the cookies were very nicely cut out, something I dread doing when it comes to making cookies. Cookies certainly are easy to bake as compared to other baked goods. But when it comes to shaping them, it can be a headache sometimes, especially when the dough is too soft to handle.

In this sunny island where I reside in, it is summer all year round and the daily temperature hovers between 23 to 32 degrees C. The solution? Repeat the chilling process of the cookie dough each time shapes are cut out and the scraps are gathered.

In total, there were not one, not two, but three different lovely cookie shapes - stars, bears (look like bears to me) and flowers.   

A quick bite into these fascinating treats will reveal an unmistakenable crumbly yet chewy texture. Hmmm.... crumbly and chewy at the same time? Yes, these cookies are chewy too. Chewy simple because of the dried craneberry, offering a contrast in texture and a breakaway from the monotony of the buttery fragrance.   

The cookies did not have a chance to lie around for long. Before I knew it, the cookie jar was empty. My younger brother sure hows to appreciate his cookies.

Once again, thank you Stephanie, for these wonderful treats!

I will be making my mooncakes over the weekends. Stay tuned for updates on them....


  1. That was very kind and sweet of Stephanie! Lovely cookies. If I were you, I'd have felt touched by her thoughtfulness and willingness to share. =)

    Seems like the rest of your folks are like you, have a sweet tooth. So, did you treat her to anything too? Or the mooncakes?

  2. You lucky fellow...always getting yummy bakes. :)

  3. Hey Bakertan!

    Thank you for your comment support on my Cheese Stick recipe post! It's more of a cheesy taste than buttery (due to the Cheddar cheese) and not at all crumbly.

    Btw, I can't wait to read your mooncake recipe post!

  4. Wah, so nice of her again.
    I love cranberries in bakes too, adds some tang and some lovely chew to bakes. I would at anytime prefer cranberries over raisins, and cranberries are prettier too.

  5. these cookies looks great me too dread making cut out cookies mostly due to laziness i think haha =p great work stephanie!

  6. Lovely cookies! I'm sure your brother loves it. I can't wait to see your mooncake!!

  7. cute cookies! wow i have the same pet peeves as u...i dread cutting cookies dough as well

  8. Hi everyone, thx for the compliments. It's my pleasure for those kind words :)

    ZY, thx for posting those cookies on ur blog. Glad that you & your bro liked them. BTW, there is a shape you missed out. It's the gingerbread man nxt to the teddy bear.

  9. ZY, I really hope your friend can share this recipe with you. I love such cookies.

  10. I love cranberry cookies. You are so lucky!

  11. Hi, saw your post on the canberries cookie.
    Can your friend share the recipe ?

  12. Hi Wendy,

    I am very sorry. As much as I wished to share recipes whenever possible, it is inconvenient for her to share the recipe as it was picked up from a workshop.



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