Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bakes from A New Friend - Muffins

Remember I mentioned a blog visitor of mine who emailed me in my french apple tart post? My new found friend, Stephanie, kindly passed me some homemade muffins the day before. The muffins were very nicely wrapped up in see-through plastic wrappers sealed with thin golden foil strips. I was touched by her efforts and sincerity. In return, I passed her some banana chocolate cakes I have made that day, which however, was contained in a non-fancy plastic food saver obtained from SKP.

Naturally, the muffins became my choice of breakfast the next day. In case you are wondering, the muffins I received are Chocolate Matcha and Vanilla Cranberry. These tiny cakelets are lovely - soft,  fluffy and slightly moist, not a tad oily and with the right level of sweetness. The vanilla cranberry muffins had a nice buttery aroma and the cranberries were juicy to the bite, making me wonder if they were dried fruits or the real McCoy. I love how the matcha and chocolate flavours combined to give a grassy, rich bodied cocoa taste. This unique combo definitely hit the right notes for me.

Stephanie, if you should start blogging about your bakes, these cakey muffins definitely deserved to be featured at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for these mouth-watering treats, my friend =]


  1. these are pretty! shd really get her to start blogging soon =)

  2. Ooo! Very nice presentation! I will consider that when my muffins are much better made next time! :)

    Btw, I've posted my 1st roast chicken wings recipe! Come and check it out when you are free ya! Next recipe coming up is the choc muffins! :D

  3. wow can see that she bakes well!

    Too bad didn't get to try your chocolate banana cake. :P

  4. Wow..Didn't expect that you'll blog on the muffins. Glad to hear that the treat turned out great. The dried cranberries were soaked in yoghurt while I worked on the choco matcha so I guess that's why they were juicy.

    Aimei,the choc matcha muffin was adapted from a recipe in your blog. Thx.

  5. Hi Jess,

    Ya I did ask her to start blogging. She is not free to do so at the moment but is keeping the options open =]


    Hi Jenny,

    ya indeed the presentation is very well done. I shall do it the next time too.


    Hi Aimei,

    There will always be another time to pass you my bakes =]


    Hi HHB,

    I think I am a lucky person to get to know her =]


    Hey Stephanie,

    Really thanks alot for these wonderful bakes. Next time I shall soak my cranberries in yoghurt too.


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