Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bear Project 1.2 - Teddy Bear (Touchup of Eyes and Nose)

After yesterday's Bear project, I decided I would touch up the eyes and nose this morning. It turned out slightly better, but could do with some improvement. The best part about using meringue buttercream is that it is very sturdy and stable at room temperature, unlike whipping cream based frostings and mousse fillings which will soften easily in the warm humid weather over here. Ok, now that my Teddy Bear is done, I shall move on to making a panda bear next for my bear project.

For those who are interested to get the mini bear mould, it can be obtained from Phoon Huat. Some of the outlets have it. I got mine at the city outlet. There is this giant size bear which I was glad I did not purchase. Storage could prove to be a problem since the Giant bear is quite tall.


  1. Hi, your teddy back cake looks real cute! I'm quite excited to see your panda bear project!

  2. Wow ... so pretty. Lots of patience and work. I dont think I have that kind of patience to do such a delicate work. Well done.

  3. Aiyor, so cute.
    Eh, I think using the nozzle with lots of holes (like a pepper shaker), that one will make nice "furs".
    I saw it elsewhere somebody using that it do hair and fur.

  4. What a cute furry bear! These cake moulds are expensive. I usually carve out and ice.

  5. Wow, this looks so good...!! I am absolutely not good in piping, you've done a great job! Cute teddy bear .).

  6. Great job ZY! You do have a great passion for baking. ;) my girls would loved this bear for sure....but might just have to change it to chocolate cake instead. Wonder if you have the "heart" to slice it up though! Oh yeah, me too, can't wait to see the panda bear version!!

  7. Hi Bakertan!
    Wow! The bear looks cute, not sure how can one possibly eats such a cute thing!

    Btw, my SIL just gave me (today!) her spare oven (Cornell with digital reading, can bake, oven, rotisseries and stuff) - now I just gotta clear up the kitchen and make an area to put the oven, buy the other equipments on my baking list and hopefully good to go then!

  8. Hi Grace,

    Thanks! I am excited about it myself..


    Hi Yummy Koh,

    My patience ran out towards the end and the stars got bigger and bigger


    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the tip. It will surely come in handy. I saw furry looking bears on another bear mould box packaging


    Hi Busygran,

    I have not idea how to carve cakes. Maybe I can start with a semispherical cake 1st

  9. Hi cooking gallery,

    Thanks for dropping by and the compliments =]


    Hey Bee Bee,

    I guess I put in extra effort when it comes to baking. Not sure why.. haha. Will experiment with a chocolate cake base in future. Hmm.. I guess I will just gobble it up when I am hungry, haha..


    Hey Full-time mummy,

    Thanks! Congrats on your new oven! I am so happy for you... Look forward to your inital bakes soon. Good luck and have lots of fun =]

  10. Hi Bakertan,
    I must say this is truly very good for first time! I couldn't even pipe without going for courses!
    I just want to let you know that Wilton Black is no good. It gives a greyish purple colour instead of black. If you want true black black, get it from KC, Chef Master's black. That is true black. The same for red too. Wilton red is truly lousy too. Hope this helps.
    Oh yes, your next project is panda bear, so I think black will be required. I can't wait for your panda bear project! :)

  11. What an adorable cake! the bear looks cute. Great job on 1st piping bear project!

  12. Hi Jane,

    Thanks alot for the tips!. Ya , i did notice the black is not concentrated enough. Will make a trip down to KC next time. They seem to have a lot of goodies. Haven been there though.


    Hi DG,

    thanks for being supportive! I need to improve on the taste next time. cos I was focusing on the piping actually.

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  14. ZY, I cant wait to see your panda bear, must b as lovely too :)

  15. This is adorable! I've never been that ambitious with cakes (I just remember my mother's failed attempt at a train-shaped cake).


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