Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bakertan's Chocolate Factory: Part 1

Tomorrow will be the Blogger's meetup initiated by Pei-Lin. At the thought of meeting up with other fellow food bloggers, I feel kind of excited. Afterall, this is my first meetup and I always thought it would be great to meet up like-minded people sharing the same passion for food and its preparation.  

Each of us is supposed to bring along one homemade food item for the potluck. I have long decided that I would be doing chocolate truffles. Since everyone knows how to bake and is pretty proficient at it, I decided not to do any baked goods. Cooking is out of the option as I only have that few kitchen tricks up my sleeves, hardly worthy to be brought along for the potluck. Furthermore, a potluck would signify an excess of food. Chocolate truffles are hardly filling and hence would be a good idea for an after-meal dessert.  

The first time I made chocolate truffles was ages ago, dating back to about one and a half years back. Back then, my best friend was leaving Singapore for China on an overseas exchange. Hence, I made some Bailey's chocolate truffles for his farewell. My maiden attempt turned out well. Making Chocolate truffles seems like an easy affair with few ingredients to handle. However, it is time consuming having to chopped chocolates finely, melt the chocolates, make the ganache, refrigerate the ganache, scoop the truffle centers and coat them with chocolate. The weather is definitely not on my side since Singapore is humid and warm all year round. We only have one season here and that is Summer.

In total, I made 3 different flavoured chocolate truffles to bring along to the meetup: green tea white chocolate truffles, rum and raisins truffles and lastly plain dark chocolate truffles. Out of these, the green tea truffles took the longest time to prepare. I started with the green tea truffles first and gained some practice. Making the rum and raisins truffles became much easier afterwards. For the plain chocolate truffles, I used a simple chocolate mould to differentiate them from the rum and raisin truffles, since both are covered with dark chocolate.

Rolled green tea truffles centers

Notice that the truffle is sweating due to condensation.

Green tea truffle speckled with matcha powder. The idea is inspired by this website

Reminds me of mooncakes. Anyway Mid-Autumm will be coming soon..

Truffle centers actually look like pandan lotus paste

I chose 3 of the not so good looking ones and sampled them. Taste is not too shabby. Those who do not like white chocolate probably will not appreciate the sweet milky caramel taste.

Thats all for now regarding tomorrow's  preview. Will take more pictures on the remaining truffles soon....

Green Tea Truffles ( recipe adapted from Truffles: 50 Delicious Decadent Homemade Chocolate Treats by Dede Wilson)
Serving size: 11 pieces
Equipment and materials:
1) 2 Heatproof bowls
2) Spoon
3) 2 Fork
4) 3/4 inch or 1 inch Melon baller (optional)
5) Measuring spoon set
6) Baking/parchement paper
7) Foil/paper mini cupcake liners
8) Saucer
9) Clingfilm
10) Baking trays
11) Diposable food gloves
12) Knife for chopping chocolate

50 ml heavy cream (whipping cream)
120g white chocolate, finely chopped (use the best quality you can afford)
1/2 to 1 & 1/2 tsp matcha powder
120g white chocolate pistoles or finely chopped
a little matcha powder to sprinkle on green tea truffles

Making the chocolate ganache: Place 120g of finely chopped white chocolate in a heatproof bowl. Place cream in a saucer and heat it till it is almost coming to a boil on medium heat. Off the flame and remove the saucer. Pour the cream over the finely chopped white chocolate and allow chocolate to sit for a while in the heated cream. Stir gently to allow chocolate to melt and blend in with the cream. When chocolate is blended with cream, the resulting mixture will be cream coloured. The mixture cream chocolate mixture is known as a white chocolate ganache.

If white chocolate is not completely melted: Place heatproof bowl over a saucepan filled with water. The bowl should fit snugly onto the saucepan and the base of the bowl should not be in contact with the water in the saucepan. Bring the water in the saucepan to a low simmer on low heat. This is known as a double boiler. Stir the white chocolate and cream mixture until the white chocolate melts completely to obtain a smooth ganache.

Cooling and flavouring ganache: Remove heatproof bowl from the heat and allow ganache to cool. Add in 1/2 tsp of matcha powder to the cooled ganance. Mix evenly. Add more matcha powder to taste if required. White chocolate is very sweet so strike a balance between the green tea flavour and the milky sweetness of the white chocolate. Allow ganache to cool. Place a piece of clingfilm over the bowl and press onto the surface of the ganache. Refrigerate ganache till firm.

Shaping matcha white chocolate ganache balls: When ganache is firm, use a melon baller to scoop out rounded (slightly heaped) portions onto a tray lined with baking paper. Return to refrigerate these portions for 10 minutes or till firm. Using the disposable food gloves, roll the portions into round balls. Refrigerate for another 10 minutes or till firm.

Coating ganache balls with white chocolate: Melt remaining 120g white chocolate in another heatproof bowl using the double boiler method on low heat. Using the tines of 2 fork, dipped the round ganache balls into the melted white chocolate to coat. Lift the dipped ganache ball up from the melted white chocolate. Rotate and transfer the coated balls at the same time between the 2 fork to ensure ganache balls are well coated all around. Transfer coated ganache balls to a tray lined with baking paper. While chocolate coating is still soft, sprinkle a pinch of matcha powder randomly on top of each coated ganache ball. Allow the white chocolate coating to set at cool room temperature. Alternatively, refirgerate coated ganache balls untill firm.

Storing chocolate truffles: Line truffles with mini cupcake papers and store truffles at cool room temperature covered or in the refrigerator for several days. Serve truffles at room temperature, not chilled and directly from the refrigerator to enjoy the flavour.

1) It takes some practice to melt white chocolate. White chocolate has to be melted using low heat over a double boiler and constantly stirred gently. If the water in the double boiler comes to a strong boil, the heat may cause the white chocolate to burn. Burnt white chocolate is dry and cannot be melted anymore. From experience, white chocolate is the hardest to melt among all chocolates.

2) As an alternative, roll the ganache balls onto matcha powder. It will work fine too.

3) Another alternative would be to roll the ganache balls onto grated white chocolate. This was the intention in the book by Dede Wilson


  1. Oooh! They look so gooey and yummy! Gee! You are one lucky person to meet up with fellow bloggers. Have a great time!

  2. Hi Bakertan, the truffles looks yummy, cant wait to taste tomorrow ^0^. I am not sure I am able to churn up somethin tomorrow, now having headache cos intend to make pamelo mango dessert but the taiwan mangoes tat I got stil not ripe enough and worst taste sour argh!!! now looking for backup plan which I dun ve at all, OMG, hope I wont b empty handed tomorrow. Going to hunt for ripe mangoes tomorrow morning, wish me luck which I need badly!

  3. Hi Busygran,

    thanks! but these truffles are really time consuming but worth the effort. But I wont be making them often, haha. Hoping for 2moro to come soon..


    Hi Jess,

    Ya I cant wait till 2moro also. At first I though u are having a real physical headache. Dun worry too much. Worst come to worst just bring something real simple like fruit salad etc. The sour mangoes should do the trick. Good luck to you!

  4. Bakertan, the first time I made chocolate truffles, I made them with my two boys...we learned from this kids tv programme, "Planet Cook" ;)

    So, will you be the only guy at the gathering? Hope some of you will post photos of the party...I am still not really convinced that you are guy ;p

  5. ZY, I fell in love with your rum and raisin. Next gathering I don't mind eating this again. hahaha.. I hope you enjoyed yourself today. See ya.

  6. It sounds so fun about the meet up. Enjoy yr day 2molo. Remember to take lotsa pics & post other bloggers' delicious bakes too~ *^_^*

  7. Thanks for sharing this lovely truffles with us. I'm a big fan of green tea, but not white chocolate. I like your dark chocolate and rum & raisin truffles. They are so smooth. You must teach me how to make them using the tempering method. I brought one green tea truffle home...I shall try it.
    Thanks again for your lovely truffles.

    Btw HHB, he is really a male. I can vouched for that. And a very nice polite young gentleman too! ;)

  8. I really enjoyed the truffles! Now I regretted not taking a 2nd serving. :P love thechocolate ganache ones, very smooth. Thanks for taking the trouble to make these sweets for us!

  9. Hi HHB,

    I can imgaine how fun that would be doing it with your kids. It certainly helps in fostering stronger family ties.

    I was the only male blogger around but I wasn't the only guy. There is Edith's (precious moments)husband, Grace's (kitchen corner) husband and youfei's boyfriend (loving baking). Like what Jane has mentioned, I am really a guy, haha.



    Hi Edith,

    Thank you for hosting us at your place. It's really kind of you! I am glad you like the rum and raisins truffles. Its my favourite flavour. Rum rulez. I certainly enjoyed myself to the fullest.



    Hi Cathy,

    It was certainly fun! Will be posting soon..

  10. Hi Jane,

    I have the same thoughts too. Like the taste of green tea but not really that much into white chocolate. Glad that you liked the dark chocolate truffles. I cant really teach you cos I am not very good at it. I can share some tips though =]


    Hi Bee Bee,

    It was nice meeting you =] Glad you like the truffles. cheers and hope to meet up again soon..


    Hi mr pineapple man,

    Thank you for dropping by. You have a pretty interesting blog there =]

  11. Hey! Gonna have a bit of your truffles soon for breakfast ... LOL! Surprisingly, I think I love the matcha-white choc ones the most. Because I'm a sucker for anything matcha!? LOL! Gonna share them with my friends here. Have fun with your peeps, too, at today's potluck. Man, you've been really feasting ... Haha!

    Take care till then! Don't stop amazing me! Visit me in KL, yea? Can have more Krispy Kreme then ...

  12. Bakertan, Jane, thanks for the confirmation :D

    You know, whenever I read blogs, I tend to 'paint' an image of the blogger in my mind. From now on, this 'image' of yours will be least I won't imagine you with long hair ;)

  13. Hi Bakertan,
    I just had your Green tea truffles. I'm SOLD! I'm totally SOLD!! The green tea taste and fillings is so strong, it just over-power the white chocolates! I love it! I just love it!! No wonder Pei Lin likes it so much! ;)

  14. Hi bakertan!

    It's been so so long since I dropped by. Needless to say my long hiatus made me felt kinda lost during the meetup!

    But boy was I pleasantly surprised to see the face behind this blog! Very "si wen" type to be slogging away in the kitchen! =p

    A pity I didn't get a taste of your truffles, but hey! that'd be an excuse for you to make more and an excuse to meet up again! isn't it so? =pp

  15. ZY, I love your truffles too, both dark chocolate & rum raisins. I didnt try the matcha white chocolate cos I nvr a fan of white chocolate and also cos I was too full, now I am regret, so regret after the raving of Pei Lin & Jane, I shd die die try one, the most let my stomach burst a bit hahaha... Nice meeting you, I enjoyed a lot yesterday!

  16. Wow! Looks amazing!
    The recipe looks so very long though. You must have spent a lot of time on this. It's so nice reading all your blogposts on the gathering. Hope I can join in next time...

  17. Hey Pei-Lin,

    I like matcha flavour too. But its not at the top of my list. Not near. At the top will probably be durian,chocolate, rum n raisins and apples.

    Take care ya! I will definitely pay you a visit if I am gg to KL.


    Hi HHB,

    I cant imagine myself with long hair,feels kind of weird haha.


    Hi Jane,

    I love your almond cream too! Real smooth~

  18. Hi Youfei,

    I took a much longer hiatus compared to you. Hope you are coping well despite your busy schedule. Dun overtire yourself.

    It was nice to meet you in person =]. I could recognise you from your blog pics. Hope we'll meetup soon and we can get to taste each other's baked goods. Take care ya!


    Hi Jess,

    Thanks! It was nice meeting you too =]


    Hi NEL,

    I tried to be detailed in my recipe but the instructions ended up being very long, oops.

  19. Thank you for the link and insight!

    Melon scoop.. i did think of it but unfortunately i don't have any melon scoop at home :(

  20. Hi Cherie,

    You don't need a melon baller actually. Use the teaspoon or 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoons to scoop out the ganache into rough balls. Then use a small spoon to dig out the rougly shaped round ganache.


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