Sunday, March 4, 2012

Awards 2012

Apologies to my fellow bakers Jane from Passionate about Baking and Judy from A Busy Gran's Kitchen for accepting the following awards so late! Thank you ladies for passing these awards to me, I am truly honoured and proud to be a recipient  of these two awards =]. 

The past two months have been quite a mad rush, leaving me fatigued after my work hours. Even during my free time, I still have to do some work-related planning and preparation. The rest of my free time is spent with my family and close friends. On a good weekend when I have no plans to step out of the house, I would just stay at home and rest, doing nothing much except surfing the net and watching tv. Hence, little attention have been given to baking and blogging for the past two months.

Hopefully, I can to get out this cycle soon and get some baking and blogging done.. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Joyce. I hope to see my self bake and blog more often too! =]

  2. ZY! Time to get out those baking trays and start baking already!!! LOL

    1. Hey Alan,

      gonna do a bit of baking next week. fingers crossed I ain't lazy.


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