Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oreo Butter Cupcakes

It has been a slow start to a new year where baking is concerned. For the past 3 weeks or so, I haven't been baking as frequently as I usually do. Consider it a little holiday or getaway from everything baking-related; baking, reading my bake books, blog hopping and blogging.

Thankfully, my baking momentum is returning slowly. Ought to grab hold of the opportunity to bake before procrastination sets in. To build up my momentum, I decided to do some Oreo Butter Cupcakes. The last time I did these mini cakes, all my cups overflowed. I was using mini cupcake liners for the first time and was too generous with the batter.

Learning from my previous mistake, I only filled these mini cupcake liners slightly less than the halfway mark. They rose nicely but turned out to be a little dry and were slightly compact, which was entirely no fault from the recipe but rather due to oversight on my part.

As I was unfamiliar with the baking times for these smaller sized liners, I had slightly overbaked my first batch of cupcakes. Maybe it will help to add a tad more milk the next time round to maintain the right moistness.

While I was adding the eggs to the creamed butter, the mixture curdled. The same thing happened the last time when I made these cupcakes. Previously, the mixture curdled when I added in the first egg. This time round, I added the eggs by the tablespoon but the mixture still curdled towards the end. Maybe next time I would ensure that each bit of egg added is well emulsified before adding the next addition.

Curdling is something that rarely happens for me. Hmm, maybe I lost my baking touch.... Or maybe it is the premium butter that I am using. When I used other non-premium butter (bought from Phoon Huat), curdling doesn't pose as an issue at all.... I am quite sure that my butter and eggs were at room temperature.Weird..  

Even though the mixture curdled, the batter turned out smooth after the flour is added. However, all the creaming that is done to the butter has been in vain. I am going to be extra careful the next time round and see if this mishap happens again.

Lessons learnt/ points to note:
1) be careful when adding eggs. ensure each addition of egg is well incoporated before adding the next.
2) add more Oreo.
3) add a bit more milk.
4) check for doneness at 15mins.


  1. welcome back bakertan! everyone needs a break once in a while. your butter cakes still look fluffy and fine crumbed despite the hiccups you've mentioned. good job! :)

  2. oreo rocks! (: looks YUMMY but a little dry?

  3. I am sure your momentum will be back to normal real soon.

  4. ZY,they look good to go with a cuppa tea or coffee regardless!
    Try not to overbake cupcakes or it will end up quite dry. This is what I experienced when I follow what's stated in recipes.

  5. Looks great, ZY! Texture seems light and fluffy. And who can resist Oreos :) Welcome back!

  6. What a fun recipe! I'm also off to a slow (and lazy) start on my baking la :( Gotta find something to keep my motivation up!

  7. ZY, the cupcakes still looks good! Do take a break and I am sure your momentum will be back real soon.

  8. Hey Jess,

    thank you =]


    Hey Jean,

    well I can't afford to take too long a break or I will completely neglect my blog, haha. thanks.


    hey Jasmine,

    its due to the overbaking


    hey edith,

    let's both find back our baking momentum =]

  9. hey Judy,

    yup thanks for the tip/ reminder. I try to get my bakes out of the oven as soon as they are done. But I wasn't familiar with the baking times since I am using a much smaller sized cupcake liner.


    hey eelin,

    I will be trying out other recipes with Oreo. They sure are versatile in sweets.


    hey Jenny,

    yup take it slowly ya. haha you will get addicted to it some day.


    hey Jess,

    thanks! i think my momentum is back. whew. wouldn't want to take too long a break..

  10. Oreo! My kids' all time favourite! But I'm afraid to incorporate too much Oreo into my bakes, as the kids tend to fall sick after that.

  11. hey KWF,

    Its everybodies favourite. I love it when it comes to cookies and cream ice cream. Oreos work like magic.

    Eh really? maybe they find it too heaty? maybe you can half the quantity of Oreos for any recipes that include Oreos.


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