Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bakertan's Food Hunt: Fat Boys and Make-It-Yourself Burgers

Before I started baking, I have always been fascinated by food. I feel thrilled whenever I come across a food outlet (mainly cafes, eateries, hawker centres and sometimes restaurants) serving great tasting food at decent prices. Once in a while, me and my buddies would go on food hunts for affordable treats across this little island.

menu in the form of a large coaster

Last Sunday, me and my boardgame kakis hopped over to Fat Boys for dinner. The interior decor of this food establishment is sort of punk and street-art inspired, with black as the main element. Cosy and dimly-lit, the eatery makes an ideal place to chill out and have a nice chat. They do offer a limited range of alcoholic beverages but the main highlight would still be their in-house special - burgers. Fats Boys is afterall, a burger joint.

For the starters, we ordered a chili-cheese fries and deep fried calamari. The heat and spices were nicely balanced in the chili cheese sauce and it was'nt overly cheesy on the palate. I found the batter for the calamari to be too thick; the exterior of the batter was crisp but towards the interior, it was soggy and mushy. The calamari was nicely cooked though, soft and chewy to the bite. Accompanying the calamari was a wasabi mayo dip. The wasabi mayo was a little watery and appeared harmless on the first taste, but a brief moderate sharpness gushed up the nose afterwards.

Instead of choosing from the range of ready-assembled burgers available from the menu, four of us decided that we would assemble our burgers the way we liked it.

My make-your-own burger consist of a soft and fluffy homemade honey oat bun, juicy grilled chicken, flame grilled bananas and emmenthal cheese (the holey kind that mice love)  topped with curry remoulade. The curry remoulade surprised me quite a bit. It was neither reminiscent of chinese, japanese, malay nor indian style curry. It tasted more of a mixture of herbs and spices instead. Not exactly my favourite but it was'nt horrid either. 

V ordered a burger made out of Honey oat bun, beef patty (medium for all beef patties), fried egg, grilled banana and pineapples topped with honey mustard suace. The honey mustard sauce is similar to that of Subway's, nothing surprising out of it and it did'nt really bring out a different dimension of the burger. Adding the fried egg was a good choice but going with the pineapples did not make much of a difference.

Honey oat bun, beef patty, portobello mushroom with guacamole.

White sesame bun with grilled chicken. I can't recall the toppings and sauce.  

The burgers gave a decent run for their bucks but the fish and chips was at best average in taste. The fillet lacked a firm flaky bite and could have done better with a fuller flavour.

Overall, each main course would cost about 14 -16 SGD. Gst and service charge is not applicable here, if I did not recall wrongly. Not a shabby place for some decent burgers when you are craving for it.

Location: 187 Upper Thomson Road


  1. I really like the big fat chips that makes me drooling!

  2. Wow.. the Honey oat bun looks interesting but I would still rather order cheaper burgers at Carls Junior or burger king.. Kekeke *^_^*


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